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Crossyoke-Plansifter 2011 (Icon)


Application Areas

On account of its flexible sieve stack the Crossyoke-Plansifter is suitable for a wide range of applications.

It is ideal for...

  • small mills with up to twelve sieve passages per plansifter.
  • large mills with a capacity at the 1st break of up to 5 tonnes/h per sieve stack.
  • control-sifting with a capacity of up to 100 tonnes/h.

Other fields of application include the sifting of maize and rice, starch and protein, mixed fodder, pellets, wood and cellulose, cork, spices, plastics, and other products.

Its special drive design and balancing principles bring about a saving of both weight and energy. Furthermore, no essential dynamic forces are transmitted to the building.

Owing to the extensive use of light metals, a novel sieve construction system, and the application of modern design methods the Crossyoke Plansifter is about one-fifth the weight of conventional-type plansifters.

The add-a-unit design concept combined with its compact dimensions facilitates short assembly times, and the accommodation of unfavourable room dimensions. In its dismantled state the heaviest component weighs approx. 50 kg. The required minimum dimensions for the assembly space opening are 0.8 x 1.0 m.

Flour Mills · Rebolting · Corn & Rice Milling
Starch & Protein · Petfood · Pellets · Biofuels

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