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Crossyoke-Plansifter 2011 (Icon)



crossyoke-plansifter´s drive


A novel drive system enables the smooth, vibration-proof running action of the Crossyoke Plansifter.

In each machine two diagonally opposed sieve stacks are connected to one another by means of a yoke so as to form two plansifter units. These two yokes are joined at the area of intersection by four double-bearings to absorb centrifugal forces, with the two units balancing one another with a circular oscillating motion. This design reduces the drive shaft‘s power requirement to only 1.5 to 2.2 kW

crossyoke-plansifter´s sieve stack

Aluminium sieve stack

crossyoke-plansifter product channels

Each sieve compartment consists of a cylindrical, two-piece housing containing square sieve frames. Four or 12 product channels are located between the housing and the sieve stack, allowing for a highly variable sifting scheme.

All sieves can be connected in series inside one sieve stack so as to attain optimum separation of fractions. In addition, for high output capacity, all sieves can be supplied simultaneously with the product to be sifted on parallel lines. Any conceivable combination of parallel and serial arrangements of sieves in the stack can be accommodated. Moreover, the sieve stack can be divided horizontally into 3 passages.

crossyoke-plansifter´s sieve stack samples crossyoke-plansifter´s sieve


The sieve on the Crossyoke Plansifter is distinguished by its simple straightforward design, consisting of a sieve frame and sieve collecting bottom made from extruded aluminium sections. Strategically positioned feeder plates that project into the product channels direct the product to the desired sieve.

The sieves are resistant to wear and high temperatures.

crossyoke-plansifter´s sieve cleaner

Sieve cleaner

The patented sieve cleaner serves to increase the specific performance of the sieve area. Its innovative design combines both bottom cleaners and sieve cleaners into a simple component, thereby eliminating the need for an intermediate corrugated screen. It is manufactured from durable plastic material to ensure a long service life. Top picture: version fitted with plastic naps, bottom picture: version fitted with brushes.

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